Top 7 health-protecting executive decisions no POTUS will probably ever make

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We can and should all support grass roots movements that make a difference in several realms, including increasing awareness of certain health topics, the power of natural remedies and the benefits of plant-based nutrition. But let’s face it, there are some Utopian-style laws, rules and regulations we’ll most likely never experience from the top-down, thanks to crooks at the highest levels of the U.S. government. Not only would it take the support of our new President to change the “status quo” of toxic food and useless chemical medicine in America, but it would take decisions and majority votes from Congress and the crooks at the CDC, FDA, EPA and USDA to help change real legislation.

The major hurdle to fixing conventional food and mainstream medicine in America is the fact that powerful corporations have their dirty hands in most politics, and they have since before WWII. Science has been faked time and time again to fool Americans into trusting staple food choices like corn, soy and canola. Academics have been paid off to lie about the safety of pesticides and genetically modified organisms in food. Even top CDC scientists have been coerced to cover up research that revealed vaccine ingredients like mercury and aluminum increase autism rates.

So where does that leave “us” – health conscious Americans who want to protect ourselves and our family from the latest onslaught of chemicals invading U.S. food and medicine day by day? We just have to be wise, careful, educated consumers and keep pushing for legislation that may one day (fingers crossed here) actually change the big picture for the better. So for now, buy organic food, seek natural remedies, grow your own food when you can, and ask important questions of your local farmers. In the meantime, here are 7 executive decisions for which you may not want to hold your breath while waiting for them to be written, passed or carried out.

1. Label or ban all GMO products nationwide

You can’t smell them, or see them or even taste them, but “GMO” means toxic pesticides are woven into the genetic structure of plants that humans are consuming regularly. Some of the biggest corporations in the world pad the pockets of top politicians and regulators to allow scientists to alter crop seeds in laboratories so they grow up to contain bug killing and weed killing properties that also cause cancer and dementia in humans. Monsanto, Dow, Dupont, Bayer, Syngenta, Cargill and BASF come to mind. Even if the POTUS wanted to make a change, the “deep state” would most likely steamroll through.

2. Outlaw television advertisements for prescription medications

For the past twenty years, Big Pharma has enjoyed free reign over the sickest developed country in the world (most afflicted by preventable diseases) by advertising on television hundreds of chemical-laden tricks that “manage symptoms” of food disorders. Once something toxic becomes legal in America, it’s most likely never “pulled from the shelves” again. That goes for drug ads on television.

3. Allow natural supplement labels to state they cure or prevent diseases or disorders (that they really do)

Before 100 years ago, every country in the world enjoyed the spoils of natural herbs, tinctures, vitamins and minerals, as they prevented and even cured disease and disorder. Then, corporate America figured out the biggest Ponzi scheme ever – sicken people with processed food and treat them with chronic, sick-care chemicals. Top industrialists (the old name for globalists) and politicians, including U.S. Presidents, got their hands dirty in this perpetual money-making machine. Who’s to say they don’t all make a fortune off American’s demise right now?

4. Force the CDC to test vaccines for safety and efficacy and publish the true results

Despite what many believe, no vaccine has ever truly been proven safe, and many have never been proven effective. Studies have been faked and altered to achieve predetermined results for funding and to cover up “side effect” atrocities. Vaccines, along with fluoridated water, are two of the biggest health scams ever perpetuated on Americans, and anyone who tries to “undo” the insidious plots may just find themselves in a pine box.

5. Outlaw dangerous pesticides (like atrazine or glyphosate) from being used on U.S. crops

The anti-science shills for Monsanto literally fabricate studies saying pesticides are good for humans, crops and the environment. Poisoning crops is such big business in America that no one person, no matter how powerful, could ever put the brakes on it all.

6. Allow natural cures for cancer that really work to be used in all mainstream hospitals across the USA

Ever heard of simply consuming turmeric, aloe, vitamin C, vitamin D3, oil of oregano, garlic, cinnamon and licorice root to fight and beat cancer? Well, if not, that’s because you live in the country that perpetually “searches for the cure” that already exists. One U.S. President (Nixon) started the fake “War on Cancer” in 1971 and it’s still going strong, so you really think any other President can or will stop it 50 years later?

7. Have toxic sodium fluoride totally removed from U.S. tap water

Drip. Drip. Drip. Hitler used fluoride to poison and torture the Jews in the concentration camps, and then, right after WWII, the United States began fluoridating water, starting in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Coincidence? It’s a deep state formula that fuels Big Pharma and it’s not some twisted conspiracy theory. Learn the truth by simply watching the documentary below.

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