Insidious leaders: How the last five U.S. Presidents royally screwed up American food and medicine

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Welcome to the United States of GMOs and toxic symptom-cover-up medicine. Over the past few decades, leaders in Washington D.C. have kept American consumers in the dark about the truth regarding toxins in our food and medicine, all while denying us some of our most fundamental rights. However, thanks to leading journalists and seekers of truth, much of this corruption has been exposed. Jane Goodall, Ph.D. DBE and UN Messenger of Peace, wrote an amazing foreword for a revealing, chilling, and meticulously researched book published in 2015 about the auspicious and ominous beginning of genetically modified food in America.

The book called Altered Genes, Twisted Truth starts with Jane Goodall explaining to the world how horrified she felt when she learned that scientists had “succeeded in reconfiguring the genetics of plants and animals.” She learned of the atrocity in the 1990s (even though it all started in the 1980s) and she termed it all as “a shocking corruption of the life forms of the planet,” and she referred to these altered organisms as “Frankenfoods.” Jane Goodall explains that there were good science-based reasons to mistrust GE (genetically engineered) crops.

Most importantly, Goodall points out the formidable task the bioengineers faced as they engaged downright corruption of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, a regulatory agency that was supposed to ensure that new additives to foods are proven scientifically safe before coming to market. For GMOs, no such evidence existed, and the same could be said for most chemical medicine approved by the FDA and CDC. So, for starters, what U.S. President opened the doors for this Frankenfood horror story that has besieged more than 90 percent of all U.S. staple crops?

Five U.S. Presidents that intentionally screwed up American food and fueled the already corrupt Chemical Medicine Industrial Complex

#1. The “Teflon” President and “Jelly Bean Man” Ronald Reagan – As soon as Jelly Bean Man was inaugurated in 1981, under advisement from the insidious “Racketeer” Donald Rumsfeld, Reagan fired the head “Commissioner” of the FDA and replaced him with a crook and a fraud, Arthur Hull Hayes, Jr., who promised to immediately approve and allow for the infusion of unsafe chemicals in U.S. foods, including Aspartame.

Now, thanks to Jelly Bean Man green-lighting the biotechnological era, entire ecological communities are permanently infected with bacterial toxins that are sold to unsuspecting farmers as “insect-specific and safe.” Herbicide-resistant crops developed two to three decades ago have resulted in the massive increase of toxic herbicide use – which is the exact opposite of what companies like Monsanto, Dow, Bayer, Dupont, Cargill and Syngenta promised farmers and the public.

#2. “Read my Lips” George H.W. Bush – Under George Bush Senior’s crooked Administration from 1989 to 1993, Dan Quayle single-handedly catapulted GMOs into existence through FDA’s anti-consumer right-to-know policy, which stated that GMO foods did not have to be labeled or safety tested. Thanks to those insidious de-regulations of food safety, the FDA now has free reign to implement the government’s “favorable” agricultural biotech policies. Executives writing legislation are doing so based on tainted research coming from the evil biotech manufacturers on the corporate side.

#3. “Slick Willie” Bill Clinton – Many top politicians know that conventional food and allopathic medicine are both huge Ponzi schemes that fuel disease and disorder, and those same elitists avoid those poisons like the plague. Slick Willie is no exception. When the “Food Babe” Vani Hari asked Bill Clinton if he had any plans to label GMOs, Slick Willie deftly avoided answering and instead told the Food Babe about his mostly vegan lifestyle, and how the only meat he eats is fish about twice a month. Both Bill and Hillary are infamous for bundling lobbyist contributions from Big Pharma, and the highly corrupt Clinton Foundation is known for its collaboration with evil companies like Monsanto.

#4. “Dubya” George W. Bush – When did the U.S. diabetes epidemic really take off? When “W” began subsidizing high fructose corn syrup (HFCS). In May of 2002, “Dubya” signed into law a bill that increased federal subsidies of toxic GM corn by over $90 billion to be distributed over 10 years. In 2012, a study conducted by USC and University of Oxford researchers found that large amounts of HFCS were a key reason for the rising epidemic of Type 2 diabetes, one of the world’s most serious chronic diseases. They concluded that any country that uses HFCS has a 20 percent higher prevalence of diabetes. What country in the world has the highest per-capita consumption of HFCS? Well, of course, it’s the United States of HFCS.

#5. “The Food Stamp President” and “The Great Pretender” Barrack Hussein Obama – During his campaign in 2007, the great lying orator promised Americans he would label GMOs, but once elected into office, he abandoned his stance, as he did with just about everything he said about “transparency.” The “Great Pretender” also hired a former Vice President and Lobbyist for Monsanto as the “Food Czar” of the FDA. No other US President has undermined the food industry more than the “Food Stamp President,” who saw to it that nearly 50 million Americans rely on the U.S. Government for free handouts, so they can buy lots of toxic food that leads to cancer, diabetes, heart disease, arthritis, osteoporosis, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease.

The Five Most Toxic Presidents

Despite the fact that 90 percent of Americans want GMOs to be labeled, they’re not. Despite the fact that every single chemical medication advertised on television has horrific side effects that are worse than the condition being “treated,” it’s all unethically and immorally been legal to market dangerous, untested drugs since 1997. The Ponzi scheme is simple and rakes in a trillion dollars or more per year. Here’s how it works: Feed Americans processed, pesticide-laden food at cheap prices, and then have every medical doctor in the country prescribe chemical quack medications for their food-borne illnesses. Advice? Seek out organic food and natural medicine and avoid everything else like the plague!

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